Saturday, February 24, 2007

600pt Grenadierkompanie

Ok, so we might be playing a FOW campaign, and this may be comprised of quick, fun 600pt games, so here's my first attempt at a 600pt Grenadierkompanie:

Headquarters | 40pts

1st Greadadier Platoon (4 squads) | 200pts
ADD: Light Mortar Team | 15pts
REPLACE: Command Rifle/MG team with Panzerknacker SMG team | 5pts

2nd Greadadier Platoon (2 squads) | 110pts

1st Machine Gun Platoon (2 MG sections) | 145pts

2nd Machine Gun Platoon (1 MG section) | 85pts

Total: 600pts

The only scary thing about this army is the lack of my usual Tank Hunter Platoon.

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