Sunday, June 08, 2008

Carentan Building Part 2

The first two walls get stuck together. I'm thinking I may have made the whole building a little thin...

Finished Objective

I've had this objective hanging around half painted for a while now. It came as part of the German Grenadierkompanie Box Set, but got neglected after I finished the Marder Objective. Since getting back into painting last weekend I decided to see if I could quickly get it finished, and now it is!

Carentan Building Part 1

Measuring up and planning the long front wall.

Cutting out the windows and doors is a lot harder on 5mm cork tile!

The finished wall. Only four more to go!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Painting Challenge Update!

Stu's painting challenge may be well over, but I'm still progressing towards my goal, albeit a tad late! From undercoating to just needing the helmets finished, I should be able to have these fellas ink washed before next weekend!

A month or so back, these guys had just been stuck to the bases, now they're finished!!

Totally Destroyed Building

I decided I should really do some more work on my Totally Destroyed Building, added the rubble and undercoated rubble in black. Now I'll probably not do anything with it for another month or two!

2mm Cork Tile Roads

Having brought a couple of pieces of cork tile to test out the sizing for some new buildings, I decided to see how cork would be for some simple roads.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Carentan Test

I stumbled across a website that had a tutorial for some 28mm Carentan buildings, so I've decide to try it in 15mm, starting with the Restaurant "Desire Ingouf" (above).

Planning the side of the building.

Cut out.

Size comparison with Stu's Building.

Size comparison with Kims building.

I started out trying to go with Kim's more accurate sizing, but found it was going to be a tad too fiddly, so went with the slightly bigger scale of Stu's building. I had trouble finding a source of single sheets of cork, but found some craft cork in K-Mart. The only problem being that at 2mm thick it' way too light, but for an exercise in testing the scale it did the trick.

Next weekend I'll be off to Bunnings to get a 5 pack of 4mm cork floor tiles and start building Desire Ingouf.

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