Sunday, September 30, 2007

Painting Diary #4

Webbing, backpack, etc.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It’s a Conspiracy!

Last nights game, the second in a series of a 3 game Pulp Campaign, saw me penalised from the start because I’d ‘lost my rifle’ in the first game. It was once again a set up that would have favoured a SMG rather than the rifle I was packing. Some how, in my conspirators mind, I knew that Stu had secretly realised that my main weapon of destruction was going to be a rifle and had so written a campaign that rendered my killing abilities to naught.

But luck was on my side, as my ‘penalty’ turned into an advantage, and saw me march off the board to victory in turn four, having done nothing but wait one turn, and walk for 3 turns.

The temptation for some vengeance killing was strong, but my desire to actually win one of these games kept me focussed, and off the board I marched.

Game won, advantage me.

Um, nope.

Stu in his absolute wisdom wants to ‘tweak’ the scenario (it was a good scenario, but does need some ‘tweaking’) and have us all re-play it again next fortnight.

Not that I really mind, because with some tweaking it will make a really good, and possibly hilarious Pulp scenario. It’s just that my conspirators mind is trying to tell me that it’s all just a big plan to keep me from ever winning a game…

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Painting Diary #3

EnglishUniform painted - the base for all things british. 'Nuff said.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Painting Diary #2

Managed to do the skin highlights tonight - the photo doesn't really show much. Probably be a few days before I get time to do any more painting!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Painting Diary #1

So I've decided to do a painting diary, so that I can track just how long it takes me to paint these lovely miniatures. I'm the slowest painter out of my entire gaming group, and I blame in on my 360, DVD collection and of course, my lovely family. I'm not if I will remember to keep this updated, but I'll try.

I'm also gonn a try painting these a lot faster than my first half of Commandos, but with Tuesday night out because I'll be Pulping it with the Garage Gamers, and Wednesday night I'm taking my daughter to a concert, don;t expect any speedy results...

My process:
First I clean up and wash my minis, then blu-tac them to old 20 and 50 cent coins - I paint individually because I don't have Stu's skills to be able to paint after they've been based!

First a white undercoat - I tried painting with a black undercoat but it's unbearably dark. I get the shadow details by ink washing at the end.

The next step in a dark skin undertone. I'm trying a two-tone flesh approach to my British Airborne to see if they look any better to my slap happy Germans. Talking of slap happy, I'm a bit that way with the first coat of skin tone...

That's all for one day - and in my books that a lot of work for one day, even a Sunday as it is.... Hopefully I might get the skin highlights done tomorrow night.... who knows!

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