Friday, December 28, 2007

British Parachute Company

I've managed to pick up a paintbrush again today and have done a little more work on my M1A1 75mm pack howitzer teams, in between painting, doing family stuff, I've also managed to sort out my Parachute Company and as is customary for me and box sets, there are a couple of bits missing (most of one command team and a broken sniper rifle). Of course, Battlefront being the great company that they are have had no problem replacing parts in the past, my only concern is how long it will take, what with it being the Christmas holidays and all!

talking of Battlefront and British Last War Armies, Battlefront have recently posted an Intelligence Briefing that can be used to field a Royal Marine Commando troop in Normandy. It's not only a free addition to the rules, but it's also a very nicely laid out, full colour PDF. You can download it here.

I've printed myself a copy and will read it sometime to see if I can easily use most of my existing British Airborne figure to build a small Royal marine Commando Troop to add some variety to my late war armies.

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