Monday, February 26, 2007

European Stone Wall

Stu decided to make some molds for stone walls to be used on his North Africa table, I figured that they could also be used for a Normandy table, with a different colour scheme.

This is my process:
Raw cast...Black undercoat...Highlighted with grey...Highlighted with White...Added some touches of light brown, and static grass around the base...

Saturday, February 24, 2007

600pt Grenadierkompanie

Ok, so we might be playing a FOW campaign, and this may be comprised of quick, fun 600pt games, so here's my first attempt at a 600pt Grenadierkompanie:

Headquarters | 40pts

1st Greadadier Platoon (4 squads) | 200pts
ADD: Light Mortar Team | 15pts
REPLACE: Command Rifle/MG team with Panzerknacker SMG team | 5pts

2nd Greadadier Platoon (2 squads) | 110pts

1st Machine Gun Platoon (2 MG sections) | 145pts

2nd Machine Gun Platoon (1 MG section) | 85pts

Total: 600pts

The only scary thing about this army is the lack of my usual Tank Hunter Platoon.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Big Week

On February 20, 1944, as part of the European strategic bombing campaign, the United States Strategic Air Forces (USSTAF) launched Operation Argument, a series of missions against Third Reich that became known as "Big Week."

The planners intended to lure the Luftwaffe into decisive battle by launching massive attacks on the German aircraft industry. By defeating the Luftwaffe, the Allies would achieve air superiority and the invasion of Europe could proceed.

The Americans flew heavily escorted missions against airframe manufacturing and assembly plants and other targets in numerous German cities including; Leipzig, Brunswick, Gotha, Regensburg, Schweinfurt, Augsburg, Stuttgart and Steyr.

In six days, the Eighth Air Force bombers based in England flew more than 3,000 sorties and the Fifteenth Air Force based in Italy more than 500. Together they dropped roughly 10,000 tons of bombs and seriously disrupted German fighter production, denying the enemy hundreds of aircraft at a time when they were badly needed.

The United States lost 226 heavy bombers and 28 fighters.

UPDATE | Found a great set of photos on Flickr showing various images of Berlin from the air.

Friday, February 09, 2007

15mm 1930’s Building Facade

Well, I've finished painting and basing Stu's 1930's Building (destroyed)and I'm quite happy with it. Let me know what you think!

If you're interested you can buy the kit here.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cheap Russian Concrete

Stu did a great job of painting and adding details to his complete, undamaged corner shop, but I decided to go for a bombed out, burnt down, cheap Russian concrete approach. Yeah, in other words all I had was cheap black and white paint.

The ground and floor boards will be done with a variety of browns and yellows, with maybe a little grass, making it perfect for both Stalingrad and the ETO.

The photo unfortunately didn't come out to good with the point and click camera deciding to focus on the background...

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