Sunday, June 01, 2008

Carentan Test

I stumbled across a website that had a tutorial for some 28mm Carentan buildings, so I've decide to try it in 15mm, starting with the Restaurant "Desire Ingouf" (above).

Planning the side of the building.

Cut out.

Size comparison with Stu's Building.

Size comparison with Kims building.

I started out trying to go with Kim's more accurate sizing, but found it was going to be a tad too fiddly, so went with the slightly bigger scale of Stu's building. I had trouble finding a source of single sheets of cork, but found some craft cork in K-Mart. The only problem being that at 2mm thick it' way too light, but for an exercise in testing the scale it did the trick.

Next weekend I'll be off to Bunnings to get a 5 pack of 4mm cork floor tiles and start building Desire Ingouf.


Cory said...

May I ask where you found the plans for these buildings? I did a google search for 28mm Carentan buildings and the only site that gave me anything was selling premade buildings that were quite pricey. Any help at all would be great :]. Thanks a lot.

onscreen said...

Corey: Not so much 'plans,' but a step by step tutorial that I was attempting to re-create in 15mm...


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