Sunday, March 08, 2009

Why Do I Hate Finishing?

I managed to pick up a paint brush briefly today. I painted the rifle buts and entrenching tools on some of my Airborne chaps, then remembered I had a fair few bases waiting to have their bases painted. I managed to put down the first half of the first coat of paint. Hopefully I'll stay motivated and finish them off this week sometime.

Motivation seems to be a problem for me though. I haven't finished, and probably never will, my first FOW army, the Mid War Germans. I'm slowly getting on with my Late War British Airborne, but I have to pick up the pace as I have some Pulp figures to paint now, and I've just placed an order for some Late War Germans.

Whilst I'll start working on my Pulp figures as soon as I get some round bases, the Germans, when they arrive, will have to be put to one side. If I don't finish my Airborne before I open my new Germans, I'll have another unfinished Flames of War Army!

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