Sunday, September 02, 2007

Painting Diary #1

So I've decided to do a painting diary, so that I can track just how long it takes me to paint these lovely miniatures. I'm the slowest painter out of my entire gaming group, and I blame in on my 360, DVD collection and of course, my lovely family. I'm not if I will remember to keep this updated, but I'll try.

I'm also gonn a try painting these a lot faster than my first half of Commandos, but with Tuesday night out because I'll be Pulping it with the Garage Gamers, and Wednesday night I'm taking my daughter to a concert, don;t expect any speedy results...

My process:
First I clean up and wash my minis, then blu-tac them to old 20 and 50 cent coins - I paint individually because I don't have Stu's skills to be able to paint after they've been based!

First a white undercoat - I tried painting with a black undercoat but it's unbearably dark. I get the shadow details by ink washing at the end.

The next step in a dark skin undertone. I'm trying a two-tone flesh approach to my British Airborne to see if they look any better to my slap happy Germans. Talking of slap happy, I'm a bit that way with the first coat of skin tone...

That's all for one day - and in my books that a lot of work for one day, even a Sunday as it is.... Hopefully I might get the skin highlights done tomorrow night.... who knows!

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wotsitgonnabe said...

I mis-read the title as "parenting diary" - LOL! Well, it is kinda like being a parent... ;)


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