Friday, February 22, 2008

The Art of DAS

I've tried several ways of basing my figures, and I've not been entirely happy with any of the ways. The best way I found when doing my Germans was to use a bucket of left over GIB Plus 4 ready mixed compound. The main problem with this was that it was very messy, and as I paint my figures before basing them (silly me) I needed something that was cleaner, less messy to apply.

So I started using DAS. It's a pliable putty form, and whilst it id far from perfect - it's a pig to use, and take a bit of time - I do like the relative cleanness off it, and the ability to easily press a patter into it (I use the rounded end of one of my painting brushed to give the ground a walked over feel).

The biggest problem with DAS is that it is an 'air hardening compound' so once the packed is opened you have to find somewhere airtight to store it. The best place I've found was one of my wife's new Tupperware containers.

I've been using the same block of DAS for about six months now, and it's still in good working order.

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jhg Hendriks said...

I've been using Vallejo's Black Lava for my basin.
Quite happy with it.


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