Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Kreative Scenery Deal

Kreative Scenery do a great range of buildings for Flames of War, that are especially suited to a Normandy themed table. Because Kim hangs out in the Tabletop forums, I figured I'd be a bit cheeky and ask him if he wanted to trade some scenery for some DVDs. Lucky for me he did.

This is what I got:

First impressions were pretty good, but I didn't have the time to do anything with all this stuff, though I did notice that there wasn't going to be enough roofing, and that there was some stuff I hadn't ordered. Oh well, I'll see what's what when I get round to sorting it out.

As part of the deal I ordered three Farmhouse kits, one of which was a two story one. All fine.

I didn't however order a Russian Workers Building!

And these remaining pieces don't seem to be the correct type/size to construct an L shaped House and a Shared Townhouse/Shop... oh dear. The wall sets are both there, along with a set of new style walling!

Then there's the dug in markers and bomb craters. Also not ordered.

Now I'm not to worried as I did do a back ally deal for this scenery, it's just a pity because Stu has since given me a couple of Farmhouses that I have partially bombed, so the L shaped House and Shared Townhouse/Shop would have made a nice change in the scenery!

Some instructions would have been nice too :o)

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