Friday, March 28, 2008

FOW Figure Conversions

I struggle enough giving my Flames of War miniatures a decent paint job that I’m never going to even contemplate the art of Figure Conversions, Head Swaps, or even just applying a little Green Stuff.

But just because I don’t have the skills (or may be the patience) to do it myself it doesn’t mean I don’t admire those that do do it.

The first time I came across large scale (at least in my mind it’s large scale) Flames of War conversions, was an article on the Flames of War website looking at the process John Boultwood used to create his Dad’s Army, FOW Army.

It’s well worth a look.

Closer to my heart, but sadly as yet unfinished (or at least unpublished in it’s finished form) is Utini’s Band of Brother’s themed FOW Army.

I have to admire the amount of work, research and patience these crazy fanboys do to recreate fictional TV characters as the basis for their Flame of War armies.

Maybe one day I’ll have to invest in some Green Stuff. But for now I’ll concentrate on trying to improve my painting skills.


Stuart said...

Jonathan, if you want to try sculpting some custom details I can give you some green stuff if you'd like. For 15mm even a couple of inches of green stuff tape will last you years! One thing I would recommend is avoiding purchasing green stuff locally, particularly from Games Workshop for example as their green stuff blisters are a complete rip-off.

Green stuff is a pain to work with because it's so tacky. The other alternative I could also lend you is some ProCreate (terrible brand name) sculpting putty which is used the same way as green stuff (two part epoxy putty) but much less tacky and has a longer working time. Although I find it's a easier to get sharper details in green stuff myself.

onscreen said...

Hey Stu maybe I'll take you up on that one day, but for now I think I'll concentrate on painting my Airborne!


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