Saturday, March 22, 2008

Road Making Trials

I read recently on the Flames of War forums that somebody had made roads out of weed mat and sand. Interesting I thought, though I wasn't convinced. The only weed mat I had seen was a bit to coarse to glue sand onto. However, on an Easter Egg buying trip to the Warehouse today I made a beeline for the gardening section and discovered that they do an almost cloth like wee mat. At $2.49 a square meter I just had to buy some to experiment with.

Once I got home I proceeded in cutting a short strip to test the idea.

Then I grabbed a Sherman to make sure the scale was right. Looks good to me, I bit wide for Bocage country, but should be good for my Normandy Table.

Then I had to quickly cover it with PVA glue.

Throw some fine sand on.

And here it is drying off waiting to be undercoated.

The material like nature of the weed mat got me thinking about another roading tutorial on the Flames of War forums. One that use silocon sealer.

First you squirt it on.

Then your spread it out, leaving it all rutted like its been driven over by numerous army trucks! Once it's dry, I'll (hopefully) be able to paint it. I say hopefully as I'm hoping that the acrylic sealer will be paintable....

More pictures once they've both be painted!


Andrew Beasley said...

If you use painters caulk (also known as painters calk or chalk) you will find it can be painted fine.

It does hold well to most materials but is not as flexible as the standard filler.


Stuart said...

I'm fairly confident you should be able to paint over it as it's a filler product so you'd usually paint over it anyway when doing DIY.

I'm interested to see how they work out. I could use some roads for my North African table to base the village buildings around!

Staffan said...

Try mixing some paint with the acrylic sealer directly. It takes paint very well. Then you just have to dry-brush the road when it is dry.

Friar.Tuck said...

Please post pics of the final products! How flexible were they once dry? Thanks for doing this.


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