Monday, April 13, 2009

Carentan - A Litte More Progress

It's probably worth pointing out that my aims for this 'Carentan Project' is not to re-create Carentan in it's entirety, but to create some buildings loosely based on Matakishi's 28mm Carentan project.
For those who want a little more information than just the photos, I'm using 4.8mm Natural Cork Tiles - the ones you are supposed to use for flooring, for the walls and 2mm Cork Craft Sheets for the base. I gave up on using PVA after my first house and instead purchased a tube of Germany's finest glue, UHU - the glue I used to use in England as a youngster building model planes. The roofs are probably going to be made of card with some 2.8mm Cork supports.

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Skirza said...

looking good and giving me some ideas too.


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