Thursday, December 31, 2009

Whitewash City #4

I've made a start on the painting of my posse. Sure it's only the smallest of starts, but with my painting speed, any progress is good progress!

Undercoated and whitewashed the outside, ready to add some colour.

Being my test building, it's going to stay 'white', but after finishing the trim, I will be attempting the sign-writing!!

Of course, all three of the buildings I'm currently working on are essentially 'square' single story buildings - my good lady thinks I should try something a little more challenging. Amongst the PDFs I have, none come more challenging that The Grand Hotel.

Once I've managed to build this beauty, I'm thinking of converting the single story Whitewash City Hotel into the Whitewash City Whorehouse - just so Stu's whores have somewhere to hang out!

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