Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Whitewash City

Ok, so this is becoming a bit of a habit, but I've started another project before finishing the one I'm currently in the middle of.
A good friend has given me some cowboys to paint over Christmas, and I've ordered a couple of special characters from Dixons Miniatures to go with them.
Essentially we're planning on playing a bit of Legends of the Old West, so along with about 8 characters to paint, I figured I'd build a small town.
I managed to get some Whitewash City paper buildings, but being a sucker for punishment decided to use these as a template to build some using my spare corkboard.
The first building is coming along nicely, but I've already made one un-mend-able mistake.

Only time will tell if I can get enough down in time for regular gaming nights to kick off again in February.

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Charles Feduke said...

Good stuff. My store has just recently had a splurge of sales in Malifaux which includes terrain elements like western frontier towns. I plan on ordering the resin kits from Old Glory just to save myself some time.


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