Thursday, December 31, 2009

Whitewash City #4

I've made a start on the painting of my posse. Sure it's only the smallest of starts, but with my painting speed, any progress is good progress!

Undercoated and whitewashed the outside, ready to add some colour.

Being my test building, it's going to stay 'white', but after finishing the trim, I will be attempting the sign-writing!!

Of course, all three of the buildings I'm currently working on are essentially 'square' single story buildings - my good lady thinks I should try something a little more challenging. Amongst the PDFs I have, none come more challenging that The Grand Hotel.

Once I've managed to build this beauty, I'm thinking of converting the single story Whitewash City Hotel into the Whitewash City Whorehouse - just so Stu's whores have somewhere to hang out!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Whitewash City #3

Probably the smallest building I will make for Whitewash city - the Bathhouse!

Customised the design slightly, removing the back door and adding a ladder so that snipers can access the roof!

The Men in Black. No, not Will Smith, but rather my posse of evil doers undercoated in back, ready for me to start painting!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Whitewash City #2

You can probably tell that this is a different building. I gave up on the bakery after I realised that I wanted it built on a thicker base, so that the boardwalk out front was raised. This would also make it easier to attach the fence thingy that you tie your horse to. Basically this photo shows the progress after constructing the basic building of adding planks of 'wood' to add texture and detail to the front. Next up will be the door frame and window sills.

The Preacher and His Lady Friend

My two special characters from Dixons arrived today. I'll clean them up and base them tomorrow. Then I'll have to figure out a colour scheme for the rest of my cowboys.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Whitewash City

Ok, so this is becoming a bit of a habit, but I've started another project before finishing the one I'm currently in the middle of.
A good friend has given me some cowboys to paint over Christmas, and I've ordered a couple of special characters from Dixons Miniatures to go with them.
Essentially we're planning on playing a bit of Legends of the Old West, so along with about 8 characters to paint, I figured I'd build a small town.
I managed to get some Whitewash City paper buildings, but being a sucker for punishment decided to use these as a template to build some using my spare corkboard.
The first building is coming along nicely, but I've already made one un-mend-able mistake.

Only time will tell if I can get enough down in time for regular gaming nights to kick off again in February.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Dixon's Long Range Desert Group

Whilst browsing Dixon's website for a couple of special figures for my Legends of the Old West posse, I couldn't help myself and looked at their 28mm World War II figures where I discovered these chaps:

I'm going to have to seriously consider these for a little painting project sometime next year. If we ever get back into Pulp gaming, these will go down a treat.

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