Friday, December 08, 2006

The Cauldron

After playing The Cauldron scenario (FOW) with Stu last week and loosing badly, I decided to tweak my army and have another go.

This time, rather than defending I was on attack.

The nature of The Cauldron is pretty interesting and totally random, with all of the attackers deployment being random through dice rolling. This left my artillery without any real defence and both of my main attacking forces on opposite sides of the board.

It didn’t help my game that my dice rolling was appalling, and that my reserves only came on late in the game, and that I forgot to do anything with one of my platoons!

Air support was another misery, even with my priority air support and a blimmin flying tank, I think I only destroyed two things in the entire game. In the latter stages when the planes may have helped me win, I couldn’t use the darn things because my own troops were too close.

All in all an interesting and fun game, with my tweaked army serving me better than it’s previous incarnation.


Stuart said...

The Cauldron is surprisingly good fun considering how random the set up and reserves are. There's another mission after Cauldron in the V2 Rulebook I wouldn't mind trying either. It involves ambushing a convoy I believe...

onscreen said...

Sounds good to me... lets give it a go in the New Year when I've got my army painted...


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