Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Going The Extra Mile

Battlefront really do know how to treat their customers, although as I mentioned a little while back, I'd go for phoning for replacement/missing parts over emailing. It's taken about a month for the missing pieces to arrive, and as per usual, they came with extras.

I did however notice something interesting with my replacement bases; they've been updated.

Rather than a smooth shiny surface to stick your miniatures on, they have a slightly textured finish. Why they did this I'm not sure, as you'll still want to score the base before gluing/basing.

Another difference is on the bottom. The bases now have little - nay, minute - pin-head feet, and notification that Battlefront own the copyright for the design...

1 comment:

Stu said...

Little pin head feet is a great idea because it'll give you some room to slide a fingernail under the edges to pick up those pesky bases.

I always laugh when I turn over a 28mm GW slotta base to discover a GW copyright notice underneath. It's just a base for goodness sake...


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