Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Have Tiger, Will Use.

Or, Air Support and Artillery are a waste of time.

For the first time ever, I still had my artillery at the end of the game. Of course, just because my gunners were still breathing didn't mean they did anything to help me.

So, once again, I re-jig my army:

Company HQ
x2 Command SMG Teams 40pts

Grenadier Platoons
1st Platoon (4 squads) 200pts
2nd Platoon (3squads) 155pts

Machine Gun Platoons
1st Platoon (2 sections) 155pts
2nd Platoon (2 sections) 155pts

Tank Hunter Platoon
x4 Marder III M 405pts

Heavy Tank Platoon
x1 Tiger IE 385pts

Total 1495pts

Hhhhmmmm, I wonder if one tank is worth 385pts? Only time will tell...


Stu said...

Ye gods a Tiger! Why oh why did I sell my 17/25pdrs to Chris?!

Look up the history of the 17/25 pdr, aka 'Pheasant'. They were rushed to North Africa to directly counter the threat of German armor. In particular the Tiger, hence the 17/25 designation: a 17pdr high velocity gun on a 25pdr gun carriage.

Damn Tigers.

onscreen said...

Sorry Stu, but I did buy it with you in mind...

Stuart said...

My plucky NZ Infantry can still take it dammit! Possibly I should issue them with sticky bombs now...

But yeah, a Tiger on the table will be interesting. Still it is only ONE tank and it is a fairly hefty points value, so it'd make a nice prize in any game :)


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