Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Big Project: The Gaming Table

Ok, so I’ve started painting my second Flames of War army – despite not actually finishing my first! – and managed to order some scenery from Kreative Scenery, so now I should really start planning how I’m going to do my gaming table.

Whilst I love the concept of Stu’s North African table, I’m heading more towards the grass gaming mat and randomly placed scenery of Aaron’s ever-changing gaming table.

My biggest issue however is not having the luxury that both Stu and Aaron have: a dedicated gaming area where a table can be kept permanently. All the components of my table have to be able to be packed away and kept under my hobby table.

The basis for my table will be a sturdy, fold down trestle table that can be kept my slightly damp garage without ruining it too much, so what ever I make has to fit securely to this.

So this is what I’m thinking: 3 x MDF EASIPANELS (1200 x 600mm, 9mm thick), braced too keep them from warping, and then have holes drilled through the bracing so they can be lightly bolted together when gaming so they don’t move around. The middle panel will have a couple of brackets attached to keep the whole thing from sliding off the trestle table.

Then you just roll out the green grass gaming mat, place the scenery down and you’ve got an instant Normandy gaming table!

And one that should fit with ease into the back of the Chariot so that when we get 4 or more people around at Aaron’s, we can have two tables set up!

Well, that’s the initial plan. Might take a while to instigate ;o)

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