Sunday, January 20, 2008

British Parachute Company

Company HQ 65pts
• 2x PIAT Teams 40pts

Combat Platoons:
3 Rifles Squads 240pts

Weapons Platoons:
Mortar Platoon: 2 Mortar Sections 165pts

Support Platoons:
Royal Engineers 125pts

Divisional Support:
Royal Artillery: 2 Gun Sections 140pts
Armoured Platoon: 3 Sherman Tanks 200pts
• Add 1 Firefly VC Tank 80pts
Commando Platoon 220pts
Air support (Priority) 220pts

So thats how I'm gonna construct my Late War British Parachute Company. The Air Support is essentially just a way of not having to purchase any more figures. The bold teams are ones already finished.

Now, because Stu has declared a painting competition, I have to select 600 750 points to paint, which is pretty much EVERYTHING else.

Three months to finish off my army, it's going to be a tough ask, but I'm gonna give it a go, and keep track of my progress right here!

And seeing as Stu has put up a prize for the winner (which he could end up winning - how nice for him) I've decided to put up a prize for the winner as well (BBC Documentary Series DVD: Great Raids of World War II) and am going to suggest that everyone who enters puts up a prize of some sort!

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