Monday, January 07, 2008

The Germans Don't Know DAS!

It seems like an old post of my has been inspiring some German FOW players, but the only problem is they don't know what DAS is....

Hallo und guten Rutsch zamme!

hab mal ne frage, als totaler anfänger. Was für knet/spachtelmaße nehmt ihr für die Basegestalltung? Ich find das hier sieht nich schlecht aus,
aber was dieses "DAS" sein mag...?


Anonymous said...

it was me asking about DAS. ^^
the problem is, i'm just a beginner on tabletop-games and it seems nothing here in germany with the name "DAS" to find. so i was wondering about something like DAS. btw. its a nice wordplay, caus "das" means "it". so i really don't know "it" ^^


onscreen said...

Hey Cabman

The funny thing is, German Artillery that I initially used the DAS on is still waiting to be finished - in fact I've done nothing to it since posting about it!

DAS is basically air hardening modeling clay and should be available in Germany as the packaging has many different languages on it including what I assume is German:

Weiss. Knetmasse. Lufthartende.

A quick look online suggests that it may be called DAS Pronto in Europe, and this German hobby site seems to use it:

Anonymous said...

Thnx for research ^^

But i think its hard to find here, german market seems to be dominated by milliput produkts. its a 2 component stuff, i have zu mix before using, but then its semms to have the same characteristics like DAS. Anyway i tried some kind of modelling-putty i found in a hardware store. so its not bad. but its hardening pretty fast.



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