Saturday, January 31, 2009

January Challenge: Failed!

Technically I could still complete my January Challenge, but it would mean ignoring my family and my responsibilities for the rest for the day and going hard out painting and basing. That's just not going to happen. I'm confident however, that before my birthday rolls around, I'll have my airborne army complete, and will be eager to start a late war German army.

I did however purchase a storage container for all my finished scenery, but when i decided to transfer my previously completed pieces form the cardboard box to the new plastic bin, I discovered that two of them has not been given the grass treatment!

I'm happy with my progress regardless of the missed deadline, and am pretty sure I'll have a decent enough gaming table if we decide to play FOW this Wednesday, with a little bit of luck I'll even be able to introduce the guys (or at least my opponent) to a little something that we've never gamed with before...

Of course, there is plenty more I want to do for my gaming table, but they will be projects for the rest of the year.

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