Friday, January 02, 2009

Stu's Rejects

As part of my January challenge, I have to get a gaming table ready, so what better time to dust off some of Stu's reject trench pieces, and give them a quick coat of paint?

Starting with a black undercoat, the wooden side then get a generous dry brush of Beige Brown, the sandbags Green Ocher and the earth embankment Flat Earth.

Finally add a little static grass to finish the whole thing off and hopefully give my mortar team a little protection from the Germans.

So why are these called Stu's Rejects? because Stu sells unpainted trench pieces and has some very high quality control values, meaning that I can occasionally raid his rejects box. Trouble is, his box is empty at the moment because he hasn't had any orders recently. Head over to TabletopTerrain to see Stu's awesome trench kits and other FOW scenery.

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