Thursday, January 01, 2009


I decided to set myself a challenge for January. Part of the challenge was to finish painting my Brit Airborne, and purchase the necessary parts to make it into a complete 1,500pt army. The last time I had counted my point values, I'd come in at around 1,000pts. I figured a Centaur Platoon would be easy to paint up and for an out lay of only $60 would get me up to 1,300pts, meaning that the remaining 200pts could easily be used up adding PIAT teams to my Combat Platoons and some Sniper to HQ.

I decided to draw up a visual representation of my army as it stood so I could easily see what I had and what I need to purchase/add on to my existing teams to make the magic 1,500pt mark. That's when I use a calculator to add up my points to see just what i needed to purchase.


5 whole points to play with.

Somewhere down the track I must have miss-counted and I now have a dilemma. Do I continue with my plan to add another 500pts to my army and make my challenge a 2,000pt army? It certainly appeals to me - there isn't any additional work to what I was expecting to do and whilst I doubt I'll be playing any 2,000pt games, it would give me the flexibility to beef up my infantry army if I'm ever up against a more mobile army.

2,000pts here I come!!

Now I probably need to look at my Mid War German Army and see what points value I have there, who knows, I may well have enough to make up a 2,000pt army to fight my Paratroopers.

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