Sunday, January 11, 2009

With Options...

So on Friday I purchased 3 Cromwell IV kits, 'with Centaur options.' Of course, being a kit that has various options, means that it comes with a lot of parts and not much in the way of instructions. Also, the turret doesn't seem to want to come off, which probably means it just needs a soak in some warm water? Constructing and painting these beauties will give may Airborne some options.

With my Airborne army almost finished, I've been looking at options for a late war German army to fight them. Initially I had hoped just to use my existing Grenadierkompanie and re-jig the points based on Festung Europa. Then I asked in the FOW forums what would be a good army to fight the British Airborne and a couple people suggested looking at Monty's Meatgrinder for ideas.

Looking through my just acquired copy of Monty's Meatgrinder I figured that a Panzergrenadierkompanie would be the fairest thing to put up against my Airborne. The only problem being that rather than the five man Rifle/MG teams that my Grenadierkompanie comprises, the combat platoons in the Panzergrenadierkompanie are 4 man MG teams.

I quickly whipped out Festung Europa to see if I would just have to use a general late war option an discovered that the only late war German army utalising five men to a base is a Pionierkompanie that has five men Rifle teams but has no weapons platoon options, so would have to build up the support platoons.

Looks like I might be scratch building Panzergrenadierkompanie as my main hobby challenge (after January) this year.

Now I just got to figure out where to get some spare hobby money from....


Wolfboy said...

"the turret doesn't seem to want to come off, which probably means it just needs a soak in some warm water?"

Most of these babies are put together with hotglue, which can be taken apartwith some hard work sometimes.

Some turrets are a very close fit, so that they cant turn very vell. some sandpaper can fix this issue.

Good luck..

joshua said...

i had that with my m10's just use a scapel on the clear bulges of hot glue you see, comes of a treat


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